Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guangzhou - Guilin Trip 2014 : Day 3

10 Oct 2014

After we had breakfast, around 8.00 am we checked out from the hotel and headed to Sanyuanli Leather Market. It opens at 9.00 am but we arrived there around 8.30 am. You can find many leather goods here and you may haggle with the sellers.

Some of the stores
We were given ample time here for shopping, about 2 hours but I was not interested so most of the time my dad and I just rested by the side while mama went off shopping.

Then, it was lunch time (eat again??!!). We had early lunch at 11.00 am because we need to catch our flight to Guilin around noon. So it was the same lunch place and outside the restaurant, there were some fruit peddlers. Most of us bought some cherries from them the day before, 20 Yuan for half kilo.

Buah bidara. You can see she is using penimbang zaman dulu-dulu
Flight from Guangzhou to Guilin took about 1 hour and we were served salted peanuts and mineral water. We got onto our bus around 4.15pm and by now I was sooooo hungry. I took a look at the packaging of the salted peanut, there was a halal logo and my dad said this can be eaten. So I ate the peanuts, and shared with my mom. Later, kitaorang kena sound dengan 'someone', dia kata ade orang yang degil, dah nasihat supaya jangan makan apa-apa snack by China Southern from Guangzhou to Guilin pasal tak halal ... tapi dah degil, nak buat caner kan. Kami rasa ralat la jugak, pasal ade tanda halal and jarang la dengar kacang tanah  digoreng dgn minyak babe. 

Tapi ni nak cite in advance, kitaorang pun made a mental note la, pasnih jgn makan la dlm flight tu walau lapar mcm mana pun kan. Sekali on the way back from Guilin to Guangzhou, the same flight served 2 biji roti to all passengers ... dahla kitaorang lapa gila, cume breakfast telur rebus je pukul 7 pagi dan takde lunch, sampai la the next meal dalam pukul 6.30 petang dlm flight ... bayangkan lapa dia mcm mana ... sekali the same 'someone' kata kat my mom, "eh, akak tak makan roti derang bagi ke tadi? laaaa.....kenapa pulak. rugi la akak. saya dah selamat makan dah pun." Adehh ... roti yang big possibility boleh ade lard dalam tu, takde logo halal di kotak, boleh pulak dimakan. salted peanuts tak boleh pulak. 

Ok, back to the story. Sampai-sampai, kita dibawa ke silk house. Tunaikan solat jamak di sini dan shopping here. After that, makan dinner di restaurant halal kepunyaan an indian. Later, kita checked in Vienna Hotel. 

Hotel ni ni 4 star, dan pwincess dapat bilik di tengah-tengah, dan sangat luas. Alhamdulillah. Wifi disediakan and the room is brighter compared to Euro Asia.

Room 505

Ade mixer shower as well as power shower


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