Monday, November 2, 2015

Roadtrip 2015 : Brunei-Bintulu-Mukah-Sibu-Brunei (Part 1)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ..

Lama tak memblog pasal cuti-cuti kan ... pasal sejak laptop tu macam nak tanak je berfungsi, update guna blogger apps kat phone ja .... tak best sangat. lagipun gambar bersepah-sepah macam mana nak upload kan. So last-last beli Asus EeeBook ni, baru nak start balik blogging. so far puas ati dgn notebook ni, slim tapi laju gak. macam ipad pun iye gak.

anyway, entry kali ni bukan pasal notebook tu tapi pasal roadtrip family kitaorang masa Hari Raya Aidiladha 2 minggu lepas. It was our first ever roadtrip jarak jauh with 2 kids.

24 Sept 2015

We had pot luck with our friends in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidiladha so our adventure started around almost 4 pm. We had to make a stop in Miri to exchange some $$$ but it was on the way by the way. The rate was 3.13 then. The journey from Brunei to Bintulu took 3 hours and it was a bumpy ride. Here in Borneo island, the dusk came early, around 6.15pm and it was already very dark. The road was bumpy, dusty and dark (there were no street lights). There was sort of RnR in Gua Niah area. I recommend to stop here to stretch your legs or make a loo visit because after that place, there will be quite a while until you reach the next stop.

We reached Bintulu around 8.30pm. Bintulu has developed so much since our last visit in 2010. They even have McD now! We bought take away nasi lalapan for dinner at Kubur Ria and checked into our hotel. We managed to get a room in New World Motel as others were fully booked. The hotel is at a newly developed area and there are many new shops and restaurants nearby. 

25 Sept 2015

The next day, we packed our things and checked out from the hotel. We had breakfast at a muslim restaurant next to our hotel. The laksa sarawak and mee kolok were delicious, even our boy ate a lot. Our plan for today is to revisit the places that we went in 2010 .... (Bintulu trip - 2010). First, was the Tugu Council Negeri Sarawak which we passed by on our way to Tamu Bintulu. Took picture from the car, this time with our boy.

Ber-background-kan Tugu Council Negeri Sarawak
Tamu Bintulu remained the same as previously. The veggie stalls, fruits, even the spot where exotic animals are sold is the same. This time there were phytons, labi, wild boar and ulat mulong.
Showed my boy ulat Mulong

Langkah kanan - rupanya that week ada Borneo International Kite Festival

Cantik-cantik kites

Kite festival during daytime while the Tanglung festival is at night
Next, Pantai Tanjung Batu. It was afternoon and scorching hot. Macam buang tebiat je kalau turun main2 air pantai waktu ni kan .... so kita snap picture kat signboard saje. Elok jugak buat entry pasal bintulu ni dulu, pasal lepas tengok balik gambar ni, in 2010 the signboard was Pantai Temasya Bintulu and in 2015 it is Pantai Tanjung Batu Bintulu.

Moving on to our next stop : Taman Tumbina Bintulu

So, that was our Bintulu Revisit trip. Singgah tapau lunch di Mcdonalds, isi air dalam botol dan dengan ucapan bismillahirrahmanirrahim, kita bertolak pula ke Mukah~


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