Tuesday, July 21, 2009

crappy xp

i've been meaning to post up some pics in the blog or fb since forever but the crappy lappy just could not recognize my the camera. marah sangat okei. i blame it totally on win xp....bcoz previously it was ok on win2k. i blame the IT dept as well, bcoz they are the one who enforce everyone to upgrade to win xp. and ... on that note, i blame the team who created win xp. why didnt they thoroughly test the product b4 launching it .... and since it is already in the market, and people have started to complain i.e. pwincess dee and a few others, pliz fix some fixes for it lah. i've googled the net and i found quite a number of people that are having the same prob as mine. grrr.

oh btw. yesterday, pwincess dee received an email from a director, inviting her to attend a conversation session with the senior management. oOHH...sounds serious, isn't it? huhu... let me quote a bit from the email :

These sessions offer Senior Management, Managers and Senior Executives the opportunity to meet in a relaxed and candid environment to share experiences and views. The session will also offer you the opportunity to gain a better insight into the Bank’s business and views on current issues.

i dunno what to expect from this since this is the first time such event is organized. hmmm .... lets attend and see what happens next.

toddle doo~


Hafiz said...

yes.. xp tak stabil sgt. hampas. dahla dah ada windows 7. tu mesti lagi horror

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