Wednesday, July 1, 2009

turn back time

i tried to listen. but to no avail. seriously, i did try. "mmg gone case lah, hopeless lah u.."bak kata my physics teacher, the late mr nathan.

dalam termangu2 tu ... tiba2 terasa nak tgk scary movie once again. when i first watched the movie, it was during uni days, and the 5 of us were too bored when suddenly roobee came into the room and shouted,"SAPER NAK TGK SCARY MOVIE??" sume dah jerit2 nak tapi aku sorang je mcm tanak. igtkan thriller. tapi since everyone nak tgk ... kita pun tgk gak ler.

and i was glad i watched it. it was soo funny, i remember that i laughed so hard that i cried.

bestlah masa dulu2 kan ? we had little problems and all that we need to do was study, study, study. and we had fun through that process.

wish i can turn back time and freeze it.


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