Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Trip

prince H brought me to Umbai last weekend and spent a night at PD resort bnm. On the way to PD, the weather was sooooo hot, and unfortunately, pwincess dee demam! hishhh!tdo aje dalam kete. (tapi kalau tak demam pun, most of the time kalau naik kete mmg zzZZ pun ;p)

we checked in and letak barang2 dulu dalam bilik and continue our journey to Umbai. Umbai sangat jauh okei. jauh sgt! dah restless sgt duk dalam kete. so, back to umbai, we were told that gerai no.1 is the best ... so, must try lah. fresh prawns, sotong, ikan, lala were hand picked by prince H and orang tu pun masak2. seafood dia sangat fresh. tapi ade satu dish ni sangat kelaka. mase nak mintak orang tu masakkan, we heard people requesting for udang masak we made a mental note, udang masak butter = buttered prawns. uihhhh ... sedapppp tuh ..... so we ordered udang masak butter as well.
hmmm....guess what?

the dish that was served was indeed udang masak butter.....but totally different from what we imagined. jauh panggang dari api...mana taknye : the prawns were actually swimming in a pool of butter!! i guess, the tukang ma
sak melted the butter (entah-entah marjerin planta ... but just give him the benefit of the doubt lahhh) in the wok, tumis some garlic, throw in those prawns ... and wala! there goes our udang masak butter :DDD

the next day

we had soto for breakfast and later pwincess dee brought prince H jalan2 around the resort and strolled along the beach. then we checked out, and on the way, we singgah PD Ostrich. entrance fee for adult is rm8 and makanan haiwan is rm2. jalan-jalan tengok ostrich dalam tu .. plus ade gak haiwan2 lain ..e.g pe
acock, ayam hutan, iguana, etc. pwincess dee got the chance to ride the ostrich and berdiri atas telur ostrich. delightful. so .. pictures as below (silalah klik for bigger view) :


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