Tuesday, July 7, 2009


ok korang. it's been a while since i last update the blog, yeah i know, so here goes a bit on latest updates of me, myself :

1. i had a new haircut!!
and it's not just a simple haircut, or a trim, but a total revamp of my asset. huhu. yeah. sedey, sedey. i planned to get digi perm wayy back in 2007 but tak tahan la peluh2 panas ni. i asked juno the hairstylist to cut my hair as halle berry's bob. prince H kata cute and sexy, but bonda punye mata mcm nak terjojol kua. huhu. sian prince H, i'll try to simpan rambut panjang after this, okei?

2. .... plus a hair treatment!!
i am in need of a spa treatment , dapat rambut treatment pun jadiklah.... again, juno the hairstylist did a good job, mase dia massage2 syampoo tu, ohhh sangat sedap okei! dalam hati ni mcm ckp,"janganla stop ... janganla...teruskanlah....sedap gile ... emph emphhh... "pastu, tetibe juno asked me,"okei tak i massage? u nak i garu kuat lagi ke?" (ala2 mendengar suara hatiku pulak si juno ni.....tapi kelaka dia gune term GARU. tibe2 terbayang kucing garu2 telinga sendirik..uhuk uhuk).

3. wisdom tooth removal
no, no it's not me. I had removed 3 of mine last year. this time around, it's prince H. cian dia, asyik telan painkiller for more than 1 week, and that day mmg sgt teruk la i think. dia meraung2. huhu. telan painkiller pun tak jalan dah. so haruslah pay the dentist a visit. but in the process of removing this piece of enamel, princess dee sangat penat gado2 dgn dentist yang asyik cakap kampeni tak kaver. it's like, hello ? tak dpt terima kenyataan ke yang kampeni princess dee sanggup kaver wisdom tooth removal nih? princess dee cabut kat sjmc, warded selama 3 ari pun kampeni kaver tauuuu....

4. school has re-opened
aha yeah .... school break is over and now it's time to go back to school. huhu. byebye ad hoc plans after office, byebye early bedtime and byebye freedom. anyway, i managed to tick off a few of 'to do list during school break' if you remember my earlier post. and hooray for that. i watched biggest loser (tho tak sume season bcoz sgt byk maa), slumdog millionaire (tht movie made me think a few times la kalau nak menapak ke india), change the blog's look (cun tak princess dee mekap2kan blog ini ? hehe i lurve it), read a book and some mags.

5. fish spa voucher
hooray!! lia from the sampuoton fish spa called me and invited for a free trial worth of rm150 that consists of either a full body fish spa treatment or a massage. but i've yet to collect the voucher, so once i've collected it and redeem it, i'll post a special entry on this. tungguuuuuu~~~

hmmm ... i guess this is quite an update. 'tis time to pen off.


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