Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tayar Beguk

yesterday while driving after work, i heard a loud BANG on the left side of BooBoo(my car) and that gave me a real shock! it happened just minutes away from my office, and if u know that area, jalan memang a bit sempit. i stopped my car at the nearest jalan lebar that i managed to find, iaitu depan wisma tani. after a thorough inspection, god, was i shocked to find my tire bengkak...sangat gelembung and if u look at it closely, u can see the thread dah terurai sedikit.
the nearest petrol station that i could think of is shell after the toll duta, since it is around 5.45pm, kalau nak pergi jalan beringin nye shell, memang congested. so i slowly drive to jalan duta, only to find disappointment. boleh imagine tak, damsel in distress (ceh..) and no hero to come and rescue her? dont get me wrong, prince H berada jauh at another state, yang tanak tolong nih ialah orang2 shell tu lah. boleh depa kata tanak tolong pasal kalau tak, sapa nak buatkan keje they all? adui. tht is the lamest excuse. ever. so much for 'rakyat malaysia peramah dan suka membantu'.

so nway. terpaksa la bwk kete as slow as possible to the next nearest petrol station that i could find, which is in KD. lebih kurang la kes. at last, dapat help utk tukarkan ke tayar spare. comel je kecik tayar tuh.sayang tul tayar tu baru je tukar tau, jadik mcm nih pulak .. huhuhu


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