Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Imran's 4th Birthday Bash + Iftar

Last Saturday we all gathered at my eldest brother's house for iftar cum birthday party for his eldest son, Imran. He has been begging his parents to have his birthday party at home this time (when i was a small child, i would love to have my birthday party other than at home, how different we are, eh?) ... well, i guess to Imran, celebrating at home is more fun and livelier.

We thought it would be a simple family affair, but it turned out to be meriah, maybe because all the invitees turned up. I brought green tea (matcha) swiss roll for dessert, but they were all gone even before the main dish are eaten!

After our solat berjemaah, we ate and ate till there is nothing else left to eat ... and then, it's time for cake cutting ceremony.... yeayyyy! (oopss...terlebih sudaaah)

The boy requested for a ball cake. And we thought his parents would order a semi sphere ball-shaped cake, but it turned out to be a padang bola cake. nonetheless, Imran squealed in delight ... padang bola pun padang bola lah ... lagi ramai dapat ngappp :) it was a red velvet cake

Imran couldn't care less about the cake, but all he cares about are the football players and the tiang gol. lawak betul lahh mamat sorang ni

as busy as a bee - taking in charge of his miniature football players

Then it was time to tear off the birthday present wrappers ... Imran has a self appointed assistant...his ever helpful dearest cousin, Ain :)

he got so obsessed with transformers this year, that he received 2 transformers presents from his aunts and uncles ;p

last year was ultraman, previous year was lorries. wonder what's going to be next?

that is a transformers colouring and sticker book,
as you can see, the book is a hit among the girls

adik yang belum obses dengan transformers melayan whiteboard sengsorang

goodies from the goodies bag


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