Friday, August 19, 2011

Bumbu Desa with mommy

This is a verrrrry belated entry post. but hey, cerita ni tak basi wooo. nak bagi review about this eatery at Mid Valley, called Bumbu Desa.

I was shopping with mommy dearest on that day ... shop till you drop la katakan, kan ... sampai eh ... dah way past lunch hour. jom makan. mama ajak try bumbu desa.

we scouted around and we saw a variety of main course dishes, side dishes and fried food arranged at an 'island' and we thought ada sistem buffet. later we found out that no, they don't practise buffet style, and you actually can choose type of rice and add on the main dishes/side dishes and you pay for what you had taken. by the way, they also have a few food packages. we decided to try out the package, i chose the one with ayam cabai ijo, while mama chose ... rendang daging if i'm not mistaken. hehe.

the food island

my choice for the day. As you can see from the picture above, the package includes steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, sayur asem, green chillies chicken and 2 types of deep fried beancurds. I actually thought the darker fried beancurds was overcooked but they were not overcooked and my oh my, i love the taste ... nyums~

Mama's dish was somewhat similar to mine, just that she got bergedil jagung and rendang daging. the rendang was also tasty.

we get to choose either cucumber drink or grass jelly drink. both were nice .. but i love my cucumber drink~

this is the decoration by the window side. looked like batik perkalongan?

Overall, to me the food has a lot of variety and based on what I had tasted, they were delicious though the place does seem a bit high end and the price is a teeny weeny pricey. but, if you are looking for authentic Sundanese cuisine, Bumbu Desa might be the right place to go :)


Hafiz said...

Jom lepas raya ni pergi makan. Nampak menyelerakan

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