Friday, November 13, 2009

attitude is a lil thing that makes a big diff

i have tons of things to blog for the past of few days, lack of time brought the blog writing/thoughts converting to a halt.

this entry would be truly a 'rumbles and grumbles of pwincess'. so anyone who happen to be reading this, layankan ajer lah .. okei ?

i am disappointed with the attitude of a dear friend. she whines and complains endlessly if people especially those who are close to her heart pay less attention to her or do not make an effort to catch up with the ups and downs of her 'live updates' .... but, her behaviour is nothing better. kirenya dua kali lima nye kes lah ni.

dulu pwincess listen to her complaints ... no hal. but when she exercised that thing that she had once complaint about towards me....

oh bukan kepalang sakitnye ati.

and to her, dia tak trasa apa-apa and thus, she brags about her wonderful fascinating life like, forever.

i hope, dia muhasabah diri, as glory built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt (as quoted by william cowper), and i hope me too, tak jadi mcm dia, as in, complain-complain..... lepas tu ... sendiri buat bende tu. huhuhu. nauzubillah.


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