Friday, November 13, 2009

Heartfelt gratitude

told ya that i have tons of things to blog about, hehehe ... so dont say i didnt warn about it before! *wink*

one of my favourite pieces of advices would be : "if u choose to marry someone, u are not only married to him but also to his family"

well, this entry is not to complain anything in regard to that advice, but more of agreeing to it.

since ma and pa both are away currently performing ibadah haji, they had left so many ... urmmm...reminders of what need to be done while they are away. i'm not sure what they had told my brothers, but since they are BUSY with their own affairs ... me and prince had no choice but to carry out ape yang mama papa tinggalkan mesej.

i personally am proud of prince H. dia dah ler penat keje jauh-jauh dengan opis dia yang sangat sengal itu ... tapi hal rumahtangga ni pun banyak dia nak kena handle. say like, he needs to coordinate with the odd job workers for the kebun ... he also needs to coordinate with my lovely bros, bile nak g kebun, etc ... pulak tu, nak kena siap-siapkan tools for kebun ... fetch my bro, the workers, and drive to bukit beruntong ... nanti bile dah balik, nak kena pack-pack ...distribute ... banyak la lagi hal. though he grumbles, but dia buat la jugak. seb baik dia penyaba beb.

apart from that, we need to fulfil social obligations as well, attend kenduri situ sana sini as wakil of my parents ... maintain the house ... and oh so many more!

so see how this relate to the piece of advice mentioned earlier? prince H not only married me but also married to my family.

thanks yayang .... muah muah


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