Saturday, June 27, 2009

Para Para Dance

i first got to know para para dance from a HK movie called para para sakura (2001). i thought the dance was simply cute and even bought the CD back then....and.... i used to dance to the CD quietly in my room (door was locked) during uni days. haha. true confession!

anyway, those who are alien to para dance : it is actually a synchronised group dance with upbeat tempo and involves arms and hips movements; originated from Land of the Rising Sun. just youtube para para dance and u'll get some ideas on what the rave is all about :p

what triggered me to blog on this was; we discovered that there is a video game called ParaParaParadise where it is somewhat similar to dance dance revolution. it has an octagonal platform and motion detecting sensors, and players need to move their arms or hips according to the robot displayed on the monitor in front of them. we watched a couple performed para dance on the machine non-stop, they seemed to know all the steps by heart, wow ... sangat sihat dan hebat !


princess D said...

sangat romantik .... strolling under the cherry blossom tree with your loved one .. huhuhu

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