Wednesday, June 24, 2009

thick skinned opportunist

i went to sogo yesterday to honour my voucher. bought some stuff and tetibe tringat that i left my sogo card at room. sheesh. it's always like that. i've been diligently bring the card to almost everywhere i go, and when finally it's time to use the card and it's not there. perfect, kan?
anyway, while queuing up, there was this ahkak in front of me, she wore typical kurung batik and she jeling2 at me mase beratur. i was like, duhhhh ... what's your prob? takpelah....aku cun kot tu sebab ko jeling2.....ihik! so anyway, she bought 2 pairs of snowfly shoes/sandals and after she had paid, the cashier just put the boxes between the two of us. so it looked like china brick wall. and she was short that i forgot that she was still there rummaging thru her purse. so anyway, mana nak bayar tu, the cashier asked me whether i hv my sogo card and dgn penuh dukacitanya i had to say no. annd....and...tetibe there was this perky voice, di sebalik china brick wall,yang berkata,"nak pakai kad akak??"

i was like, eh where did the voice come from? god. tolak sket china brick wall baru nampak ahkak pendek ni still wujud. and.....i just hate it. she's an opportunist! god. bengang gile. i obviously do not want to use her card, as bukan aku dapat discounts or anything pun. tak dapat apa2 benefit pun kalau aku guna kad dia. zero. zilch. nada. dia yang dapat points and voucher at the end of the period. ergh. tapi nak buat mcm mana, kan? takkan nak cakap, akak ni sapa? sy tak knal akak dan saya tanak guna kad akak sounds so kijam. so i kept quiet. and she kept on pushing her card to the cashier and said,"guna je lah ye kad akak ni...". tak malu kan? last2, me trying to be matured, said mmmmmmm.... (pun dia thick skin tak paham2 kan?)
pastu...siap lagi cakap: "nanti akak dapat points. takpe ke?" uhuh. like i do not know.
and, to add salt to the injury, she added,"nanti hujung tahun nanti akak datang sini lagi...". arghhhh stop it! you smug gleefully cunning makcik. argh argh argh. dia expect aku datang lagi hujung tahun to give her points ke ? ...ah no nooo. i'll bring my card after this okay? gantung kat leher ke ape ke, i'll try not to leave any cards at home or wherever.


Hafiz said...

tak malu tul akak tu

Roz Razalli said...

kah..kah.. kah... funny! akak tu sure muka dia sentiasa tepek kat sogo tu, dekat cashier to be exact.. sapa takde card, dia offer... in return, dia tak kasik apa2... org tu dapat pahala, dia kata... eehhehehehe

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