Tuesday, June 16, 2009

makeup junkie

tih tih tih.

i am officially away from prince H. away for tonight. and what do wives do when they are away from their hubbies ?

yep, they play makeups and fashion shows!!hip hip! hoorayyyy~~

nah. fashion show is a bit exaggerated. we just tried on makeups.

initially a girlfriend and i wanted to have a comfy jacuzzi session ...but due to unforeseen circumstances, my friend can't. so then, she came to my room and brought all her m.a.c stuff, and combined with mine .. and together we rock the world! yeahhhh!

best ah. she fell in love with my strobe cream while i maybe akan usha itu zoomlash. btw, just discovered that mineralize eyeshadow just gets better when it is moist.

i wonder prince H tengah buat apa ye sekarang ni .. ?


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