Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what's pwincess d watching?

Just for the records, i'm not really a tv person. I do watch tv occasionally, only if the series/movies able to capture my attention. ha, then only i'm glued to it. Sometimes, there are 1 or 2 tv series that I want to follow, but everytime they are aired, there'll aylways something that pops up and discourage me to watch it. and, the irony is , when i actually have the opportunity to watch tv, cerita pulak tak sedap.

anyhow, prince H and I have been watching 'privileged'. The series introduces Megan Smith, a yale-grad who faced career ups and downs and finally lands herself a live-in tutor job for a pair of filthy rich, spoilt, conceited twins who live in a mansion in palm beach. She has her family probs, has a platonic friend named Charlie, a hunky boyfriend and exchange advices with a wise yet gay chef of the house. To make her job harder, the twins are so not into school and more interested in boys, parties and swiping away their credit cards. oh bestnye hidup mereka.

To be honest, the series idok ler really2 fantastic, but at least, i's an escapism for me. At least, i watch something. Megan tu banyak sangat cakap....and there's something with her face structure that I find it disturbing ...unsure whether it's her jaw or her rabbit teeth or god knows what. She has so many rules, takleh itu, takleh ini. hmm surprisingly, there's a quite a number of guys after her. sometimes, along the series, I see that she is more of a helper to the twins rather than tutor.

well. tatau ape ending. let's wait for season 2 to come out.


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