Sunday, June 21, 2009

makeover and al nafourah

last saturday, i decided to redeem the vouchers that i got on my birthday. started off with makeover at clinique @ pavillion and the assistant was very helpful. both prince H and i got a skin analyses and off course, i got the makeover. yabedabedu!!!

next, we went to al nafourah to redeem another voucher ; the 3 course set lunch. lunch dia sangat sedap hoccay... appetizer adalah beetroot salad with mussel tossed with orange dressing, sunflower seed and mesclun mix. sume sedap altho a bit manis bcoz of the orange dressing, tapi sumenye sedap. lunch pulak..... wahhh. kami makan ikan todak!! hehe. kalau sebut ikan todak, sume orang geli, betui dak? well, actually we had fried swordfish fillet, mushroom potato cake, buttered young asparagus and harrah sauce. wahh....sape2 yang leh squint your eyes, u can see the dish in the picture attached below. and lastly we had custard pudding with illy coffee. coffee dia pun sedap, pekat gitew. lepas tu....snap2 lahh apa lagi. those who would love to watch live bellydancing, do come over to al nafourah for dinner. the bellydancers are up for show that's going to end, end of the month.

overall, i am so happy with the makeover and the lunch , thank you so much, barei and d&p ! u r the best! next year buleh la bagi lagi ..... hahah
ah.....altho i lurve the makeover by clinique, but i hate the zits that came out after i removed the makeup. huhuhu. prince H pun senyum kegirangan akan lunch set itu ... hehehe, gendang gendut tali kecapi. kenyang perut, senang hati :))

so vouchers dah kurang sket, 2mrw maybe nak redeem voucher sogo and next week nak redeem voucher robinsons pulak ... hehe .. jgn jeles ye noks noks sekelian~


Hafiz said...

sedap makan makanan arab.. setting kat situ mmg top class. mcm kat arab rasdanya

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