Sunday, June 7, 2009


it's been a while since i spent my $$ on health products .... and the urge to buy something just got intensified day by day. oh i just have to buy something....and then, came this product :

*credits to smartnaco website

i think most people have heard or even tried this, tapi i baru aje nak try. so lepas je balik dari kenduri kawen semalam , terus singgah kedai and bought this igG-Plus. sampai2 jek rumah ... haa terus buat satu sachet. rasa dia ermmm... mcm susu lembu lah. cume semalam terlebih air maka rasenye tawar sket. the reason i bought this product is because it is colostrum, and this famous milk-like substance that female mammals produce soon after giving birth, is said to have full of potent, immune-stimulating factors that jump-start a one's immune system.

Some have debated over various channels, e.g. forums, personal blogs, etc on the benefits of colostrum.....entah. kita cubalah dulu baru tau, hoccayyy... :p

tapi. huhuhu. just after 8 hours digesting this thingy ... i had a terrible stomach distress!! adui!!stress aku dibuatnye...dahla monday blues...arghh tambah lak dgn ini....huhuhuu


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